UTMB CCC Race Report; Fueling the Obsession.


Hi. My name is, Tim, and I like big mountains, sunsets, and running ridiculously long distances.

Just over a week ago I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to France with many close friends to take on the CCC, a 101km sister race of the iconic Ultra-Trail du Mont Blonc.  It would be my first attempt at anything over 50 miles and likely 5-6 hours longer than anything I’d ever done. 

It would also be just 11 months since my first ultramarathon.   And with the honeymoon phase about to end, I feared a possible post-nuptial shutoff in our blossoming relationship.

The course:

101km through Italy, Switzerland, and France, boasting 5 major mountain passes and over 20,000ft of climbing and equal amounts of descent.


Podium selfie with Magda and Zach.


20 thoughts on “UTMB CCC Race Report; Fueling the Obsession.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I sure enjoyed reading this, Tim. Thanks for the play by play… I was biting my nails. Congratulations to you! What an amazing run.

  2. William says:

    Congratulations on a great race, Tim, especially after battling through cramps + dehydration! The same problems forced me to drop at Champex-Lac, and I’ve been wishing for two weeks that I hadn’t. To read your account was really inspiring.

    • Thanks! I actually bought a pair the week before but struggled to find efficiency with them so scraped the idea. For a course like UTMB/CCC, I think I’m more inclined to refrain from poles as the course rarely is demanding enough that I would want them. Now the MAXI race in Annecy, I wish I had had poles there, especially given the sloppy conditions.

  3. Matthew says:

    Did you use the smaller 5set or the larger 12set? I am running the Eiger 101 this summer and the “mandatory” gear list is similar. Just want to make sure I have enough space but not too much.

  4. Bonjour Tim, hello Tim. I am french, what an amazing video about you and nike team I could watch on youtube concerning CCC 15 and your super perf!! really motivating and a lot of inspiration you gave me, even one year later. I will be there for supporting you guys, I have heard you come back on UTMB 16, that is great, I will be for sure along the trail to see you. All the best ! And hope to see you nike team in Chamonix this summer 🙂 Clément de Lemps

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