EZAKIMAK Delivered!

Mid race with an unfiltered sunset over the Minaret's. Photo Credit: Peter Morning

Mid race with an unfiltered sunset over the Minaret’s, Mt. Ritter, and Mt. Banner. Photo Credit: Peter Morning

Thank you Bill Cockroft, Caroline Casey, Peter Morning, and all the many volunteers and employees at Mammoth Mountain for putting on a spectacular event.

And congrats to Tess, Jennifer, Carolyn, Gabe, Andy, Deena, Lara, and the many others that finished! And thank you Ariel!

The Event

With no surprise, the inaugural Ezakimak lived up to its’ hype and April 4th, 2015 will forever be remembered in the muscles of the many people that took the challenge.   Hundreds of spectators were also treated with lasting images of the beautiful suffering that the runners, snowshoers and skiers endured while they tackled Mammoth Mountain underneath a full Spring Pink Moon.

As a fantastic night cap, a Pink Moon Party was held at Eleven53 and plenty of beer and food was enjoyed by all.

DJ Gondola.  Photo Credit: Peter Morning

DJ Gondola. Photo Credit: Peter Morning

The Race

Skiers led out 1 minute prior to the runners, who were then followed 1 minute later by snowshoers.

Ski start. Photo credit: Peter Morning

Ski start. Photo credit: Peter Morning


Run start. No matter than race, there will always be “That guy”… Photo credit: Peter Morning

Snowshoe start.  Photo credit: Peter Morning

Snowshoe start. Photo credit: Peter Morning

The Course

Ezakimak climbs just over 2,000 vertical feet over the five kilometer snow filled course (my strava data) from 9,000ft to 11,053ft.  There are perhaps 2 level sections for no more than 100 meters and we were greeted by strong zephyr winds, icy groomed trails, and repeated bouts of sand blasting to the face.


The first of several spines waiting in the background… Photo Credit: Peter Morning

The final climb.  Photo credit: Peter Morning

The final climb to 11,053ft. Photo credit: Peter Morning

Mainly secondary to poor planning I didn’t fashion any additional traction to my Kiger 3’s.  The smart racers, like Deena Kastor, had microspikes reinforced with lightweight crampons.  She could’ve gone into battle with those weapons…  But other than a few icy sections that I had to walk after nearly face planting, my shoes ripped it on the course.

The Goal

Mario and I discussed not going too hard in this race as we both knew nothing would be gained just one week out from Lake Sonoma 50.  But “too hard” is a relative term when you are running up a mountain…So I kept a steady effort the entire way, looking back several times to ensure the great Deena wasn’t reeling me in too much (she will make a badass MUT runner if she ever so choses).

The Finish


11,053ft of pure bliss. 5k Time: 35:31. Photo Credit: Peter Morning

Deena came in a few minutes later in second overall.  King and Queen of the Mountain!


Runners prevailed victorious 🙂 Photo credit: Peter Morning

Over the next hour skiers, runners and snowshoers continued to summit the mountain via headlamps and glow sticks.


Competitors finished late into the evening. Photo credit: Peter Morning


I think 3rd place died on the slopes so Woolly filled in for him. Photo Credit: Peter Morning


If you did not partake in this years race, you MUST join us in 2016.  It was truly one of the most excitingly beautiful events I’ve ever been a part of.

Perhaps people would love to see a Summer Ezakimak?!

Next Up

Lake Sonoma 50!

2 thoughts on “EZAKIMAK Delivered!

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you’re thanking me for basically chest bumping you and almost knocking you over right after you finished, you’re welcome!

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