A New [Nike] Family!


Photo cred teammate David Laney

With exuding excitement I proudly announce my recent signing with Nike Trail.  (Is this for real?)

After a very pleasurable past 2 months of cheating on the marathon with a few filthy 50k’s, I will finish off 2014 at The North Face 50 Miler in Marin, CA while representing the Swoosh for the first time in my career.

Nike Trail, headed up by team manager, Pat Werhane, has quickly built an All-star studded team of budding trail and ultra runners over the past year, and I am honored to be joining their ranks.  I find myself with a new found camaraderie in joining this family.  For anyone that has been part of a XC team, so 90% of those reading this, uniting with Nike Trail feels just like that.  A true team.

Although we don’t rock hipster mustaches, moonshiner beards, or have tattoo-clad arms, I reckon the Nike Trail team will continue to turn heads this December and into 2015.

I would be remise if I didn’t give a HUGE thank you to Steve DeKoker at Brooks for taking care of me this previous year and the continued support Lindsay, SRA ElitePowerBar and Mammoth Hospital have provided me.

Thank you everyone for the continued faith and see you on the trails!

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From waffle to Wildhorse!

6 thoughts on “A New [Nike] Family!

  1. That didn’t take long at all. I underestimated that transition. But the allure of the trails is strong. So pumped to have you on the team! I am glad you got the feeling of an XC squad joining Nike Trail. That has been my hope all along. TNF here we come!

  2. hypernayte says:

    Geez, Tim. I am just so proud of you. I cannot comprehend how hard you must have worked to get to this point. But it’s pretty evident that you deserve everything you get. Congrats, man.

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